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Ready to start your dream job in the beauty industry?
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Distance Learning: Zoom Edition

Miss Nancy met the Esti class for the first time through ZOOM and learned more about their experience in the online classroom… The Esti class is feeling closer than ever and Miss Ali is doing such a great job at keeping them connected during distance learning!! ❤️ Watch the video above or read the full transcript below…

Miss Nancy [00:00:00] Hi guys, I thought I’d pop on to see the fabulous Etsi class! How are you guys?

[00:00:08] Oh, good. Good! Lovely!

[00:00:13] You all look beautiful. Fabulous doing your makeup! Skills look great already. I love it.

[00:00:25] OK, so just a few questions. Natalie, how do you feel about distance learning?

Natalie [00:00:33] I really love the one-on-one time and distance learning. (laughs)

[00:00:49] I don’t know, that’s all I have! (laughs) I thought she froze! I’m just so nervous! Froze or “video froze” like I thought she video froze (more laughing) Oh, yes. Well, thank you. Natalie! How about Isabella, how do you feel about distance learning?

Isabella [00:01:14] I get it cause I’m in my own environment and I have everything I need here so I can. I don’t have anything else going on. So, like, I make it a new routine. I wake up at 8:00. I get coffee. I set up my spot and everything. I have a snack going on. Then breaks, I catch up on the note-booking clean up my notes and everything. Just go over started and you know, we get like we get good and.

[00:01:49] Self-motivated a little bit more. I feel like in your at least for me. So it brings you structure during a time with no structure. Yes. Yeah, I feel the same way. Yeah, me too.

Miss Nancy Great, awesome! OK.

[00:02:13] That’s great. I can see I can’t just guess what they all want to be answered. I think that’s great. And it’s like a dream now. What are you doing? Julia, next question’s for you. What are you enjoying about the program so far?

Julia [00:02:40] I like I enjoy being in the comfort of my own home and getting to learn at my own pace because then it’s just easier for me to pick up things and I do better on the tests. Yeah, me too.

Miss Nancy [00:02:52] Julia is always the first one done. Well, awesome! Good time management. Good, good!

Miss Nancy [00:03:01] Kristen, how about you? What do you like about distance learning so far, I should say not just distance learning, but the program.

Kristen [00:03:07] I mean, I like being in the comfort of my own home, but I also like the interaction that we have with one another. I mean, we can put our cameras up sometimes and take it down. And we all kind of like chime in as we go through the course of the day. And I think that’s great.

Miss Nancy [00:03:25] Great. Thank you, Kristen. How about you, Melissa?

Melissa [00:03:29] Yes, I like that. We have the ability to kind of set our own schedule.

Melissa [00:03:34] So if you’re feeling like you’re tired, you can take a break and you can come back to it later. And all the materials that you need are all online. There’s a lot of study material and you can still get to know your peers here. And we’ve gotten to know each other well.

Melissa [00:03:49] and it’s casual, but it’s still like typical learning. So it’s comfortable.

Miss Nancy [00:03:58] Great. Thank you, Melissa. Emily, let’s see what wins have you had this last few weeks with distance learning?

Emily [00:04:12] Wait I didn’t really I didn’t want this question. We did hair & makeup today, right? It’s a win! That can be a win.

Emily [00:04:32] I knew that was gonna happen. I was gonna get another question.

Miss Nancy [00:04:39] That’s my last question, but I could go… Caitlin! Caitlin, how about you? Any wins that you’ve had so far these last few weeks?

Caitlin [00:04:50] Like with distance learning?

Miss Nancy [00:04:55] Yeah. With just starting the program.

Caitlin [00:04:58] I think I’ve been doing pretty well on the tests. I think there’s like I don’t know. I was kind of worried about it being online that it wasn’t going to do that well, but I honestly think that it’s a lot easier.

Students [00:05:13] Yeah, I would agree with that for sure. I mean, awesome!

Miss Nancy [00:05:19] They’re all doing actually… And Maria, how about you? From this week and the past couple of weeks alone

Maria [00:05:31] I’ve gotten to learn so much about obviously like the skin and everything that we’re gonna be doing. And Miss Ali has been doing pretty great in showing us things and giving us some great demonstrations. So I’ve been able to go practice on myself, practice on my mother. It’s been giving me a few pointers of my current skincare routine and what’s good and what’s not. So I’m learning about how to change and tweak little things here and there, even from home.

Students [00:06:03] I second that, too! Great!

Miss Nancy [00:06:06] How about you, Nina? Wanna share some wins, Nina?

Nina [00:06:12] So my biggest win is probably having Miss Ali has a teacher because, with distance learning, I was very nervous about not getting that one the one time. I was afraid that it was going to be like, read this chapter, understand it now do your test. And it’s not like with her. She actually takes the time to make sure that we all understand what we’re doing, she’s really still personal with everything and making sure like it’s not through a computer, but it’s almost like we’re all in the same room somehow. If we had a teacher that wasn’t really into the whole distance learning thing, we wouldn’t be able to succeed as much as we have been. So it’s really nice to have someone that’s actually like making sure we’re doing good and making sure we’re happy.

Miss Ali [00:07:05] (everyone agreeing) Thanks, guys!

Nina [00:07:09] It’s like a team approach to it.

Melissa [00:07:11] I feel like I mean, taking our feedback and I think it’s really helpful to know that this a new process for everyone.

Miss Ali [00:07:20] Yeah, well, I’ll be honest that was something that was really important from the beginning. When we’re in the Academy and generally you know this because you’ve been there

before, but when we’re in the Academy, we preach how TSPA family sticks together. And we’re a team and we’ll always support one another and help each other.

Miss Ali [00:07:35] And that was something that I was afraid of coming into this as an educator. And I had expressed that to Miss Nancy. You know, time and time again in the beginning that it was really important that we made sure that you guys still felt that same connection, you know, right out of the gate. That’s one of the things that drew me into TSPA as an educator was how connected everyone is and how connected they stay even after they leave. To the point where they can’t really leave and they want to come back and do other things, right? But, you know, that was something that I was really committed to trying and finding a way to create for you guys. So thanks. That means a lot. I’m glad that I am creating some of that unity and that’s keeping kind of family bonding feeling.

Miss Ali [00:08:16] Hopefully, once we all get together in real life we can have our fancy pineapple ice cream sundae social (laughing) I feel like when we all get together to be like one of those corny Rom-Com movies. Are we all run for each other? It’s gonna be like, do we hug each other, or?? Elbow fives everybody in this, elbow touch (laughing) You know, be kind of shocking meeting everyone in person.

Nina [00:08:47] Yeah, it will be really weird.

Miss Nancy [00:08:52] It gives us something to look forward to, right? That’s gonna be our light at the end of the tunnel. Yeah. Hopefully, all be together. So that’s great learning in a different environment. But the thing I was gonna say is normally I go in the classroom or maybe the first day and I’m always like, hey guys, jumping around the classroom ask Jemilie, she knows. So this is of course different. And I’m not liking how everyone calling it the new normal because to me it’s not normal. I’m a people person. It’s gonna be very hard for me because I’m hug-ey touchy all day. You know, and it’s just yes, it’s very different.

Miss Nancy [00:09:33] But I will say we were you know, this is all different for us to see them starting distance learning.

Miss Nancy [00:09:41] I’m hearing wonderful things about the classes, the teachers. I feel like we’re all working a lot more for all of you to bring it every day. Our energy gotta be our energy is high. But definitely even higher. And I have to agree with Miss Ali. We are a big family. And for me to see, like every day when I get the text from Miss Ali, all my classes like getting along, they have coffee, and they want to talk to each other, become friends. And that to me is that is. I do. I feel like all emotional, she tells me I could start crying right now. To me, that is huge. Like, how do you get that bond from distance learning? That’s amazing. So we’re doing it now outside the academy. Just imagine when we get back like you ladies are gonna be on fire. So whether we’re able to take clients back, whether we have to walk around with masks, whether we have just switch everything all up or whatever is gonna be the new norm or our, you know, t spy weighs just a little bit adjusted. We’ll get through it all. We’ll get through it all together because you guys seem like you already have like your bond. And it’s just it’s great. It’s great to see. I can’t wait to meet you all. You’re beautiful. This is a person that I can really save. Her skin really looks like that.

Miss Ali [00:10:59] You see, Etsi’s are always so beautiful.

Maria [00:11:05] So it’s all it’s I have to say, thankful for Miss Ali, though, because I was so nervous, like the other girls going into this that like we weren’t gonna be able to socialize. But Miss Ali, like, not only kind of puts us in a space where we feel comfortable to socialize, but like we’re also able to bring up topics that we could all talk on and we could all give our opinions on it. It’s like a safe space to talk about it.

Educators & Students Take Distance Learning in Stride


We’re weeks into distance learning and our educators & students are doing an amazing job ❤️

Video chatting has been our new best friend! So much of our learning is hands-on, it’s hard to imagine being able to understand what we teach through a screen. However, educators like Miss Kate (and others!), are using every platform they can to teach step-by-step instructions, tutorials, and more to our eager students. Even Nico joined in the fun! Of course, coffee is always close by 😉

Again, we want to send a huge thank you to all our educators and students for continuing to work together during these unprecedented times. We hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on distance learning with our students and educators!

Distance Learning Continues at The Salon Professional Academy


Our students and educators are doing such a great job at adapting to Distance Learning ❤️Adapting to this new style of learning is unique & has its challenges, but our incredible students have been up to the challenge, along with our educators who are embracing teaching via video conferencing, powerpoints, and lectures. We are finishing up week three of distance learning and we’re looking forward to taking on week four…

Thank you to all our educators and students for continuing to work together during these unprecedented times. We hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy.

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on distance learning with our students and educators!

Trade Schools On The Rise: How much does it cost to go to Cosmetology school?

At first glance, Cosmetology school may seem expensive, however, it is much more affordable than other 4-year college programs. Attending an accredited cosmetology school will usually cost anywhere between $5,000 to $20,000*. This total cost of attendance usually includes your tuition and the costs of books and supplies you may need to complete your classes.

If the cost of Cosmetology school seems like a big, scary number to you, don’t worry – we have options at The Salon Professional Academy Buffalo to help you bring down costs!

The Salon Professional Academy Buffalo is approved by the Department of Education. What does that mean? You could qualify for federal funding through grants, scholarships or loans to help you pay for school! While loans do have to be repaid, any grants and scholarships you may qualify for do not have to be repaid when you’re done with school. Cool, right?

We know what you’re thinking next… how do I know if I qualify? You can call our Financial Aid Office and they can help you with the steps to find out if you qualify for financial aid! The most important step is to fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at

While you’re crunching the numbers to see if Cosmetology school is a good choice for you, remember what you are paying for at The Salon Professional Academy Buffalo beyond the diploma: Professors that want to see you succeed, small class sizes and a hands-on and innovative training environment.

Want a more specific idea on how much Cosmetology school would cost for you? You can check out our Net Price Calculator to calculate your estimated school costs.

Here at The Salon Professional Academy Buffalo, we want to help you be able to afford Cosmetology school and make sure this process is as easy as can be. If at any time you have questions about program costs, feel free to contact our Financial Aid Office at (716) 243-3311.

*Tuition information pulled from,

Distance Learning at The Salon Professional Academy Buffalo

Distance Learning officially kicked off this week at The Salon Professional Academy Buffalo ❤️

Our educators have been hard at work getting everything ready for our students and the unique situation we are in.

We’ve been using video conferencing to check in with students and answer any questions they have!

Thank you to all of our educators and students for working together and doing whatever it takes to keep The Salon Professional Academy Buffalo strong through all of this. We hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy, and we look forward to seeing you again when our classrooms and guest services reopen!

Support Our Dedicated Team and Local WNY Health Care Providers


Let’s help a local WNY health care provider!

We’re excited to announce a gift card promotion that will support both our dedicated students when we reopen and our amazing local health care community.

For the next two weeks, for every $50 Gift Card that is purchased online, we will donate a haircut to a local WNY health care provider.

Thank you for your continued support. Please stay safe.

– Peggy Grenauer & The Salon Professional Academy Buffalo Team

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*Now through April 16, 2020